Basement Renovations For Your Home

renovations in bcRenovating a basement is no small feat as most houses are not equipped with basements that can be transformed into living spaces. So hire a professional from Caliber West Renos.

The advantage of renovating your basement is that your family will enjoy the extra room.

To renovate your basement, plan well using the following tips:

  1. Always begin with a plan. It is important that you sketch out your room layout and know which features cannot change like the placement of your furnace, pipes and water heater so you can work around them. Make sure you also budget accordingly.
  2. Because the older basements were not designed to be living spaces, you need to measure the ceiling height so that you make a note of the duct work locations. You will need to dig down or move the duct work so that you can create a more comfortable space
  3. As you do the basement renovations, make sure that your renovations will allow future changes if need be
  4. Before you begin your renovations, understand your local building codes that include fire safety standards. The building codes will also require safe exit routes in case of an emergency, especially in the bedroom areas. If you hire a contractor like Caliber West Renovations they will be responsible for this.
  5. Handle water leakage and drainage problems before the renovations begin. Any cracks on the foundation must be repaired, remove any traces of mold and mildew
  6. Have the home inspected for hazardous materials like lead paint and asbestos which could become a major problem during the renovation
  7. Think of installing soundproof insulation during the renovation to prevent noise
  8. If the basement has posts, consider ways you will use so that you work around the posts. Because removing them may be very expensive
  9. Choose materials that are designed for basements
  10. Try to brighten up your basement during the renovation process by consulting with your renovator
  11. Moisture problems in the basement should be addressed before the renovation occurs, there should also be proper ventilation to improve the indoor air quality

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